About us

We dedicate our resources to bring you the best medical services in the most beautiful are from Transylvania

Transylvania is a brand of innovation, well-being and education

The prestigious University of Medicine from Cluj-Napoca has a history of over 100 years and prepares hundreds of future doctors every year. It provides high-level education, experienced staff and high medical standards.

Besides being a very important medical centre, this Transylvanian capital has an amazing culture and history and a perfect blend of calm and energy thanks to its people and beautiful attractions.

Why choose Cluj and its medical facilities?

Over the last decades, the Romanian private practice has developed a lot and offers top medical care. The industry of medical tourism has grew considerably in the last years and hospitals or private clinics offer a large range medical services like: surgeries, treatments and medical services whose standards are comparable to those of Western Europe.

With over 10 years of experience, our medical staff has been carefully selected to offer complete medical services in partnership with well renown clinic in Transylvania ensuring the right environment for any kind of treatment.

The advantages of having a highly professional team along with the benefits of the best possible treatment and the clinics that have top medical devices as well as the optimized costs make us the best choice for you.